Smart Light Bulbs

Its not quite the wearable tech stuff I normally follow but lately the movement in home technology for simple items such as lighting has really taken off. The best way to get the idea behind the Qube lightbulb is just to watch the video.

More wearable tech – Braille reader

I don’t know how this stuff keeps finding it’s way in front of me but here’s another example of wearable tech. Pretty cool!

Magic CSS3 Animation – nice!

I’m sure Ill have a use for this in the short future, so just as easy to post here as it is to bookmark for later (that way others may be able to use as well;)

You check out the demos here. There is also a link to Github to grab the source


Nice Web App – Convert Anything

This is more a reminder for me – however, great little web app if you’re caught out and need to get a file into a format that works for you. Excel to PDF etc.

They claim they can convert anything – worth a look

Fin – Wearable Tech

I’m curious to see in a couple of years looking back if these technologies actually make it into the mainstream world.

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Facebook Promote Tool – are they scamming us?

Well this video goes into a fair amount of detail and gives Facebook a pretty big serve in the ethics department.

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Software Shout Out

Just wanted to name a couple of companies that I’ve found incredibly useful as a designer and developer over the last couple of years.

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Future Past and Present

Back in 2010 I wrote an article on the WSM blog about what the future holds in the eyes of a guy known as Ray Kurzweil. Ray is a very well known futurist. (The full article can still be seen here). The reason I’m back looking at his predictions is one that really struck a cord with me

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Backyard Shaping

Been shaping a few boards over the years (simple ones with simple tints) but about to test myself with a traditional single fin longboard for my 12 year old. Photos as I progress. Oh and also a 5’8″ diamond tail quad with fabric inlay

Mobile Payment Options

This type of system will definately revolutionise the market, particularly where the markets and stallholders are concerned. Being able to tap directly into their inventory system for stock and take both wholesale and retail orders on the spot would be a massive help.

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Marketing & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

For some many years I have been discussing this principle with my clients, from a marketing perspective that is. From “Look at me” to “how can we help?”. So that’s an easy statement to make, but how do you start?

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The Future of Marketing

I wrote a post about 5 years ago on our company website and thought it was about time I followed up.
It was written 5 years previously and is titled “Consider your market now and in 2014”. this is the basics behind the post

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