Future Past and Present

Back in 2010 I wrote an article on the WSM blog about what the future holds in the eyes of a guy known as Ray Kurzweil. Ray is a very well known futurist. (The full article can still be seen here). The reason I’m back looking at his predictions is one that really struck a cord with me. He mentions wearable technology and the ability for WiFi to be integrated into our clothes and play a part in communication in our daily lives. Back in 2010 it seemed possible and plausible, however a little way off.

So one of the recent announcements at the CES 2014 event was from Intel announcing it has this technology well underway and what’s even more is that they have a wearable tech competition for a prize of $500k for the winner!!!

This is the blurb from the article on the device:

The tiny computer is built on the company’s 22nm transistor technology, runs Linux and has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules. What’s more, the tiny machine can connect to its own app store. Naturally, the device is aimed at developers, Krzanich says, who he hopes will use it to build the next generation of wearable and connected devices. Even so, Intel is leading by example, and showed a small collection of “Nursery 2.0” products using embedded Edison chips: a toy frog that reports an infant’s vitals to a parent via an LED coffee cup, for example, and a milk warmer that starts heating when another connected item (the frog, again) hears the baby cry.

Hehe! – you gotta love the future huh! This ought to be a little bit of fun …

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