Mobile Payment Options

I’ve been hanging for Square to get themselves over here to Australia with a mobile payment system for about 2 years now and it still hasn’t happened. I’ve even spoken to them asking for a timeline and unfortunately it seems to be an unknown based on our ridiculous red tape.

Well PayPal have decided to launch their own version via PayPal Here App

You need a premium or business account with paypal to use and the signup process takes a few days. I’ll let you know of my experience once I have it setup and tested.

This type of system will definately revolutionise the market, particularly where the markets and stallholders are concerned. Being able to tap directly into their inventory system for stock and take both wholesale and retail orders on the spot would be  a massive help.


Shopify already have this in place, however again it isn’t available yet in Australia (well the credit card reader that is), however they do say you can use their POS system with an external card reader (so one of the major Australian banks that charge an arm and a leg and are completely antiquated – kind of defeats the purpose!). They have also just releases their mobile version to help you sync and take orders with your store (card reader needed though)

I’m currently working on my own Shopify store so as the options become available I’ll also update here on how I see it all working.

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