Software Shout Out


Just wanted to name a couple of companies that I’ve found incredibly useful as a designer and developer over the last couple of years.

Firstly when it comes to social media management (planning, reports and general management), I found using Sprout Social Р so helpful in its ability to capture datafeeds and make sense very quickly to aid in decision making for social  strategy.

TriggerApp is a great project management option if you just don’t like the basecamp feel. It’s pretty simple once you have it setup and used to the way the navigation works (iphone responsive site could use a little more work at the time of writing this). It has all the features I can think you need for project management in just about any field and the great part is, you have time tracking and push invoices to Xero for account if you want (you can also use the invoice system built in of course)

Lastly (not least) is Bugherd. If you are a web developer in any capacity – you need this software. By far the best options for tracking jobs bugs and change request during or after a build. I find this so helpful once a site has been handed over as a maintenance tool. The beauty is your client can view their own website in real time and tag items they want changed or added. These are then added to a job board and you can add comments viewable to the client, moving the task from doing / Done / Archived etc.

Now – would be very cool if there was a TriggerHerd …


Oh btw, I’m not paid by or associated with any of these guys (they wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap) – they just have really useful products.

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